Marriage ceremonies on Terschelling with out "Terschelling Wedding Package"
Many people opt for Terschelling as the site where they want to get married. Is this due to memories of a holiday romance, a romantic stroll on the beach under a full moon, or could it be the cosy bars where it is always fun to visit?

He who knows can say it! One thing is for sure: There where the powerful beams of the Brandaris guard you in the dark, you will feel secure with your loved one and you will want to get married.
The municipality of Terschelling has two sites where a marriage ceremony can be performed. The town hall and the Brandaris lighthouse.
The further elaboration of this package can be adapted to your wishes. Our catering proposals and buffets will provide you with an impression of the possibilities. In consultation with Koh-ï-Noor, we can provide multiple combinations.

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