Weddings on the water why not?

Tying the knot on board!Obviously, you want to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life on the most perfect spot. The municipality of Harlingen has granted the Koh-ï-Noor the title of official wedding location. This allows you to marry on the water and to tie the knot there.

An official of the civil register of Harlingen will marry you on the water. Subsequently, it is time to cut the wedding cake. The official disembarks from the ship and we cast off for a nice and relaxed sailing trip. Raising the sails together and bringing a toast on the new bride and groom. After that, you assume the rudder of your wedding ship.

Do you want to go to Vlieland or to Terschelling? You will enjoy an unforgettable sailing trip in a relaxed and natural setting. This is succeeded by a beautiful party on board the attractive ship.

The impressive nature, the excellent catering, and the unrivalled atmosphere will ensure that your wedding is a unique event. Contact Koh-ï-Noor for more information.Freedom, adventure, to be one with the elements. This is what you experience on board the magnificent Koh-ï-Noor.The most fun marriage ceremony is a ceremony on the water on board the Koh-ï-Noor.